Day Nine

It pains me to say that our time in McAllen is coming to an end. Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it? This Sunday was a special Sunday. Our Lord has risen. He is alive and all Christians come out and praise his holy name! It’s a bittersweet feeling being here. On one hand I would enjoy spending Easter at home with my family, but on the other hand it is good to see a different culture and prospective on Easter with a different culture. Easter here is incredible. Our day started out with a 6am sunrise service; starting the service pitch black and ending the service with the sun bringing out the good news. We then took some rest before our 10:30am service where we continue to worship our Lord and spend our last service at the church. After lunch we took a trip to downtown McAllen and did some more shopping. Snow cones are pretty great down here. The night ended with a beating of a piñata, cracking eggs filled with confetti on each other, and having a feast of a dinner. We did awards where each team member received an award for something the did on the trip. I won an award for eating a lot – classic. Gifts were given to the people who hosted us and we truly are so thankful for being here. Please continue to pray for the people here and pray for safe travels as we go home tomorrow. We appreciate everyone who has prayed for us and will continue to share God’s love wherever we are. -Chris Chang 

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