He sure is risen indeed!

Today our team was able to reflect upon and celebrate Jesus’s resurrection and the sacrifice He made for us. We started off our day at a church service led by a group of house churches (neighborhood church) at the SOS complex. It was amazing to spend the morning in fellowship and community with the people of Memphis openly sharing our struggles and together rejoicing in the Hope that we have. Today we were able to reflect upon our week and the ways in which we saw God work within the community and even in our own hearts. Over the weekend we spent time exploring Memphis, making a spontaneous drive to Mississippi for lunch, and learning as we walked the halls of the National Civil Rights Museum.

Perhaps it’s safe to say that this trip to the National Civil Rights Museum left the largest impact out of the weekend’s events. We were challenged to step into the shoes of those who blazed a trail. We were challenged to ask ourselves: What would I do if I lived in those turbulent times? Would I stand for what is right despite the definite oppression? We were challenged to examine the ways in which, today and in our own environments, we can stand up for what is right and what fears may be holding us back. The conclusion? Jesus Christ not only paid the ultimate price for us through His death on the cross, but He also restored hope through His resurrection. And so, we have nothing left to fear.

During the five hour car ride to Jen Cline’s house where we will be staying the night tonight, James DiLeonardi spotted a convicting quote on a billboard that read: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” (Edmund Burke). While, we cannot change hearts (only the Holy Spirit can do that), we can leave a trail containing the footprints of heaven everywhere we go. And it doesn’t take a lot. As Deven Watson said in discussion tonight, “God’s hand can work even in the mundane things of life.” We have been freed by the powerful blood of Jesus Christ, and so our only response left is to love others like He has loved us and to say yes to His calling each and every day.

Our Father has revealed much to us this spring break. May He continue to work in our hearts. We trust that He will complete His glorious work. 12920487_945879215519712_20812877345404794_n

One thought on “He sure is risen indeed!

  1. So proud of you and your team. You have learned so much and have so much to teach others. Your faith is inspiring and your dedication to serve is overwhelming. I have so enjoyed reading your blogs. Love and thanks to all who served for their spring break.

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