Over and back again

Our time overseas has drawn to an end with one final beautiful Greek sunset.
Over the last few days we continued to travel through Greece ministering through music and learning about the country’s culture and history.
We drove through the hills of Meteora and witnessed the beauty of its hilltop monasteries.
We sailed to Corfu Island, where we performed at the Free Evangelical Church of Patras.
We travelled to Corinth, where we learned about Paul’s experience with its ancient church, and dived into the cultural implications within his words in Biblical texts. After performing at The American College of Greece, we spent the night at the CosmoVision Center, thanks to the gracious hospitality of AMG International.
Our final day in Greece began with a trip to the Parthenon and involved us running down the slippery Parthenon steps after a surprise rainstorm in order to get to our next concert. The day ended with our concert at the Town Theater of Markopoulo, where we had the chance to sing and meet people before hurrying out so the movie theatre could return to its scheduled showtimes.
While spending one last wonderful night at the CosmoVision center, we had time to reflect on our trip, give thanks to our guides who made this trip possible, and learn a handful of traditional Greek dances.
This trip has opened our eyes to be able to witness the power of music as a real tool for God’s kingdom. Music has served as our bridge to men and women who we would have never gotten the chance to meet before. Music has helped us bridge the gap between the evangelical, Catholic, and Greek Orthodox churches during our time here.
While music has served as a reason for being here, our journey would not have been possible without the prayer and encouragement from all of the people who supported our trip. Your thoughts and words have made more of an impact than you know, not only on the 47 members of the chorale, but on the people we’ve had the pleasure of reaching out to across the Atlantic Ocean.
It has been a packed, sometimes difficult journey, but every step of the way taught us more about God and His children on earth. As we return to the cornfields for the remainder of the year, we will not forget the joy we found and friendships we made in Greece.image

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