Taking off!

The Athens 2017 team has gathered from all corners of campus and are en route to the Chicago airport. As we finally focus on the trip ahead of us, and wave good many of our group are sobered at the responsibilities we’ve been given.

The bus waits in front of the Taylor sign at the Campus Center.

The bus prepares to depart from in front of the LaRita Boren Campus Center.

For the students (including myself) sharing Gospel truth through music and theatre arts, there’s a perceived degree of separation between us and our audience: it could be easy for us to hide behind our art form when engaging with others becomes uncomfortable.

Choir members sing together on the bus.

Last-minute preparation on the bus to our first flight.

What we pray for as we begin this (long) journey to Athens is courage. Courage to involve others through our art rather than distance ourselves behind performance. Our team will also need energy that surpasses all we could ask or imagine as we land tomorrow night. Some of our team will perform just a few jet-lagged hours after we arrive, so energy and focus are crucial in the upcoming days.

Thank you in advance for following and praying!

3 thoughts on “Taking off!

  1. Prayers will be sent daily for the entire group! So proud of your desire to share Christ with those who need to meet Him!! Safe travels!!

  2. Praying for your safety & good health. I am so proud of each of you for representing Taylor, USA, & CHRIST. Praying you will be an example of God’s love in everything you do. God will do great things through you!

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