Finding Harmony – Monday

Today was packed so full of activity, it’s hard to remember how it all started only a few hours ago. We left our hotel by the sea at 8:30 and arrived at ancient Corinth by 11.

People dip their feet in the Aegean sea.

The Athens team took a break yesterday by splashing in the Aegean sea just beyond our hotel.

This visit impacted all of us in different ways, but the way in which our tour guide, Costas, unpacked ancient culture by directing us to highly specific passages in Scripture is certainly something we will never forget. Please ask us about this visit when we return; maybe by the time you see us, we will have processed a little more of what we saw today.

A stone carving that says "Erastus with his own finances paved this road."

A first-century relic: “Erastus with his own finances paved this road.”

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Hearts, heads, and stomachs full from the visit to Corinth, we stopped back at Cosmovision for just long enough to put on our Spring Break missions T-shirts and get back on the bus. We were headed to the Syrian and Afghan refugee camp in Lavrio.

The Taylor Chorale spent 15 minutes in this camp last spring and the experience changed many members’ lives. Today, we spent almost three hours with children and their parents who welcomed us as one of their own.

Playback theatre welcomed and gathered refugee children during the first hour, leading the group in games like “Dash,” “Animals,” and “Duck, Duck, Goose” while tireless kids screamed at, climbed on, and chased us.

By the time their energy levels started peaking, we moved inside and tried to sit no fewer than twenty kids on benches in our makeshift concert hall that usually housed the camp’s English language class. We performed a few songs amidst scraping chairs and loud chatter before Renae Timbie, Taylor graduate and church music director from Muncie, Indiana, stood and told the children in Arabic, “You are going to sing a song with us!”

Phrase by phrase, the kids learned a simple piece called Dona Nobis Pacem. When they had mastered the first few pages, Sounds members harmonized on the lower parts. Children of all ages and all backgrounds, carrying burdens we may never understand, lifted their voices in a frail chorus.

It was the most beautiful sound we heard all day.

Praise God for the many, many doors he has opened in the past year for this trip to even happen! Praise him for the children he loves coming together from all corners of the world to make this precious music. Please pray for the Playback Theater and Sounds members as we perform at St. Lawrence college (an elementary and high school) in Vali tomorrow.

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