A Day of Joy and Sadness

Day one started with worship as we sang and watched the sun rise over the Atlantic. After breakfast and a time of singing and testimony we headed out to the beach and ministry.

The day was full of meeting new people from a family of Grandparents and four VERY active kids to four retired guys from St. Louis who were spending time together in Daytona. Each of these new encounters reminded us of the joy of meeting new people and the honor of listening to and participating in their story.

But the day was also a reunion of sorts as we reunited with friends from past years. In these experiences we found both joy and sadness – seeing James, Rob, Sabrina, Vincent, Rodney and so many more was a joyful homecoming of sorts. But in many cases these, and other reunions were also times of sadness as we found many of our friends in circumstances that had changed very little in the previous year. This continues to raise the why questions? Why do they suffer so much? Why does it seem so unfair? Why does God seem so silent in it all?

But as we processed last night, we were reminded that while we desire to see healing – we long for our friends to be delivered, we know that our love for these friends pales in comparison to the love our Father has and that while the world often doesn’t see them and intentionally chooses to ignore them, the Father’s eyes are always on them and his heart breaks for and with them. We are finding that as we listen to them and spend time with them, we experience God in a powerful – and sometime painful – way.

Pray for health, strength (physical, spiritual and emotional) and for the individuals we met yesterday and will met today. Thanks for your continued prayers and continued support!

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