Come on, Vamos!

Spring Break is finally upon us and the DR team is eager to commence its departure into Indianapolis airport. We’re ready for the sunshine, and all the bliss that comes along with it. However, this trip is more than an escape to warmth. This is trip is entirely about opening our hearts to the Dominicans we encounter, and sharing the love of Christ.

During our trip, we will be immersed in many different service areas, some of which include: dentistry, media, finance, sports and special education. We pray that God moves through us as we prepare to serve our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are excited to be a part of their culture and open to experience new things. We know that God placed us on this trip for a reason and we are anxious to live out his desires. We pray for the courage and strength to make a difference in the lives of the Dominicans. We also pray that our interactions with them will bring new a understanding of who God is.

Next time you read about us we’ll be miles away, but for now, pray for safe travels and a smooth start into Spring Break.

-Team DR



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