Grit & Gibson’s

IMG_8056.JPGProductive, successful, and exhausting are some of the team members words to describe our day. Today started bright and early with chicken biscuits and devotionals followed by a long and hot day on the roof. Throughout the day, team members rotated jobs such as sawing wood, removing shingles, applying underlayment, pulling up weeds, and trimming trees. All team members (Jimmy is back!!!) put in a lot of effort and sweat, leaving us feeling accomplished and a little sun burnt.

We were able to get to know the homeowners we are serving this week, John and Janet. John has been living in Memphis for over 50 years residing in the Binghampton neighborhood. Binghampton is one of the lowest income neighborhoods in Memphis and has been a partner neighborhood of S.O.S. (Service Over Self) for over 30 years.

Janet loves growing tomatoes and enjoys her pecan tree in the back yard. She enjoys watching talk shows in her free time and spending time with her two children, and grand baby on the way. John works at Goodwill and spends his free time working on his truck. We are excited to continue getting to know John and Janet throughout the week!

After returning from our work site, our team enjoyed a much needed nap time followed by chapel and an annual Gibson’s donut run. Today consisted of lots of laughs, encouragement, and fellowship.

Prayer requests:

  • Rested for the rest of the week
  • Staying motivated to finish our goals
  • Continued fellowship and unity among team members
  • Strengthened relationship with homeowners
  • Open eyes to see and hearts to feel the ways in which God is present in the community

Writer: Molly Fletchall

One thought on “Grit & Gibson’s

  1. SO proud of all of you! Your hard work will help this family for many years to come. Thank you for your faithfulness and love towards others. Will be praying for your needs❤

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