Sunday Funday

Today was neat!

We went to Vida Life, which is a bilingual church in the area. Church staff spoke in both English and Spanish (and for that reason, service was twice as long), but the passion of the church members soared as they worshiped. They knew the power of God, and it was evident in their actions and speech.

What a great way to spend time with the Lord and see His glory.

After church, we came back to the house (the house we are living at for the week) we set it up for a pool party with the local kids who hang out with Back2Back a lot.

This included:

Pool fun

Hamburgers (Lots of them)


Coconut breaking

Cool pool jumping

Unique desserts (they had a dessert trolley come to their garage, and they served chocolate, peanut butter, cheese, bananas, etc wrapped in a waffle cone type shell. This was a delicious treat to be able to share with the kids.)

And much more.

It was a great thing to get to know those kids and just have fun with them. They couldn’t speak English, so it was difficult at first, but after a few minutes the language barrier wasn’t much of a barrier anymore. We didn’t need to know Spanish to speak to them. We could speak to them through our body language and our willingness to spend time with them.

It made me remember God didn’t make the language barrier in order to separate us, he made it to find different ways of getting along besides talking.

Sunday was a happy day, and I am thankful our team and I could take part in it. What a great way to start out the week.

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