Trip to Catacamas

Following our time worshiping at Iglesia Reformada, we traveled four hours to the city of Catacamas. Catacamas is a city in the northeastern region of Honduras in the state of Olancho.

The drive through the continuous, green mountains and various towns allowed for us to develop a deep appreciation for the beauty of God’s creation seen in Honduras. Additionally, the time gave us the awesome opportunity to bond more as a team. (You learn a lot about people after 4 hours in the same vehicle.) We finally arrived at our hotel later that evening and began to plan out the logistics for the upcoming workshop. We also were able to reflect on our impressions of Honduras, have a group devotion, and share prayer requests.

The following morning, we met with Leti, a representative from a local partner, Diaconia Nacional. D.N. provides local training for aspiring entrepreneurs throughout Honduras. The microfinance division provides loans, capital, and access to business information individuals need to succeed. We spent the first-half of the day visiting various businesses in Catacamas. A carpenter, Javier, was very eager to give us a tour of his carpentry shop, and would have gone on about his work for hours if time had allowed. Even though it was only a short visit, this experience was so informative to our team. Leaving his shop, we headed to the local market of Catacamas where we met owners of local grains and meat stores. It was encouraging to see how the local businessmen and women had been able to succeed with their businesses with help from the Diaconia Nacional.

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