Welcome to Honduras!

Our team has successfully made it to Tegucigalpa!  Although there were some flight delays, we made it on time and were greeted by Jose and Isaac, two representatives for Partners Worldwide, who will be our translators for the remainder of the week.  They were incredibly helpful from the moment we landed, transporting us to Mission Caribe, located in the heart of the city.

Today was a eye-opening introduction to Honduran culture, beginning with a trip up the mountain with Jose and his wife, Andrea, and Isaac to a local restaurant where we had the chance to relax and experience our first taste of some traditional foods of the country.  Following this, we drove to a city known as “Valley of the Angels,”  a quaint tourist town with a beautiful overlook of the valley below us.  We were able to shop as a team and get to know our hosts better before heading back for the night.

Despite the long day of travel, our team is enthusiastic as a whole to focus on the presentations we will be giving starting Monday.   We will be attending a local church tomorrow morning, and traveling the city of Catacamas afterwards.  Thank you all for your prayers so far, and please continue to pray for a good chance for all of us to rest tonight, and that will continue to adjust well to the new culture and its surroundings.  We praise God for the safety and hospitality that He has blessed us with so far!

The Honduras Team.

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