Nada Es Imposible Con Dios


We did something today that changed my entire outlook on the world. We were able to go out into the community of Tres Reyes and hear the families’ stories.

This impacted all of us because we saw how different their lives were and how they didn’t have all the material things like we do in America. They didn’t even speak our language. But they had one thing greater than all of those things: the love of Jesus Christ. The most touching part was their knowledge of that truth. We were able to visit each house and pray over them. We crowded around and laid a hand on the families and prayed for their families, their homes, their loved ones. Some of the mothers started to cry because of their gratitude for our prayers. Our small acts of care changed their lives. And we were able to learn a little something about all of these incredible families.

This post isn’t as long today because their are too many stories, too many emotions to compile that I can’t fit it all into one blog post.  (Maybe I’ll write a novel someday.) But by the end of the day, we all teared up within our team and thanked God for this beautiful day.

There’s a large mural painted at the Tres Reyes soccer field saying: “Nada Es Imposible Con Dios,” which means “Nothing Is Impossible With God.” We were reminded of this truth today as we visited the families in Tres Reyes, and it is a beautiful truth. I will ask you all today to remember this whenever you feel discouraged or lost. And remember to ask each of our team members what they experienced today. I’ll bet you they will smile.

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