Tres Reyes (Or sprinkle, sprinkle, sprout, sprout, SPROUT.)


Today was impactful.

We were able to serve at the Tres Reyes Community Center built by Back2Back. The center was built for people living in the Tres Reyes community because this community in not rich by any means. Back2Back built the center to bring joy and education to those who needed it, especially the kids.

Before our team was able to meet these kids, we were able to serve Back2Back by cleaning up the center, building brick walls, and raking the soccer field (which was given because Tres Reyes didn’t have a nearby soccer field). These jobs were hard, but good in the end because we realized how much we were helping the community.

After working, we gathered at the entrance and welcomed all the Tres Reyes kids into the center and gave out high fives and welcoming calls. Their faces lit up with joy when they saw the team.

When they all came inside, we each separated into different classes for the kids such as art class, computer class, and gymnastics class. These classes were made to help Tres Reyes kids learn the importance and fun of education.

After this, we ran out and just had fun with the kids.  Ourselves and the kids played soccer as Americans vs. Mexicans (at request of the kids), and others of us played volleyball. It was incredible to see the kids run around and just have fun with each other and with us. I still believe there is no such thing as a language barrier when playing with kids. And my belief was certainly put into action today.

Whenever I think about today, I think about God’s love is larger than language. It’s larger than a different culture. It spans the entire world despite differences. I loved how we as a team were able to learn this truth firsthand. It was hard to impact the kids at first, but once we were able to show God’s love to one another today, everything changed.

We’ll see you tomorrow.

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