Day 6

Today we wrapped up our time working on John and Janet’s home in the Binghamton neighborhood of Memphis, TN. These past five days have flown by and have left a lasting impact on our team.

This morning began with an extra hour of sleep (#blessed)!!! After a little extra rest we arrived at our worksite ready to finish the week off strong. Some team members were on the roof shingling the last plane while others were tidying up the backyard foliage and picking up trash along the streets. After our final lunch break we said our goodbyes to Janet and her home. We were so grateful for the opportunity to build a relationship with Janet and John. Their hospitality towards our group was incredible. Through meals and conversations we enjoyed getting to build community with them.

After packing up at their home we headed back to the SOS center for some deep cleaning of the building before dinner. We enjoyed some delicious grub at Swanky’s Taco Shop followed by a highly demanded trip to Jerry’s Sno Cones – which did not disappoint.


As our time in Memphis is coming to an end we took some time tonight as a team to reflect on our journey thus far. Here is a bit of what our team reflected on tonight:

  • This week allowed for a refreshing break from the exhausting routine of school/life.
  • It was a time to see God’s beauty in even the smallest of things.
  • Created an opportunity to explore, try new things, meet new friends, and get out of a comfort zone.
  • Becoming more knowledgeable about why SOS has set up their ministry the way it is and the impact it has on the community and volunteers.
  • Learning from each other’s heart for the service and different perspectives.

These are just a few of the insights into how this week of serving with the Memphis community has impacted each and every individual on this team. It will be hard to leave in a couple of days, but we have been so refreshed and rejuvenated from this experience and are encouraged to continue to learn and reflect from this opportunity.

We are excited to head back into the city tomorrow to visit the Civil Rights Museum and maybe even take a quick trip to Arkansas and Mississippi (stay tuned)!

Writer: Maddie Eiler

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