Last Day

Quickly the week is coming to a close.

Yesterday we were greeted by wind and rain and ended up not spending any time on the actual beach. Instead, we split up and went out to three locations:

  1. Sun Splash/Ocean View – 6 or 7 team members spent the morning on the boardwalk at Sun Splash or visiting with the residents at Ocean View. Drew and Kat took Jon Jon, Nicki, James and Josh to Pizza Hut for lunch while others spent time talking with the brave few who were willing to deal with the wind.
  2. Outdoor Mall – another 6 or 7 went to the outdoor mall to talk with those visitors who chose to do a little shopping with the weather keeping them off the beach. Had some conversations with individuals working in the various stores.
  3. Library – 4 team members went over to the library to talk with some homeless friends – particularly hung with George – as they tried to get out of the weather under the various shelters available.

After mentioning yesterday about improving health – the numbers above should show you that much of the sickness was back and a number of team members spent the morning resting in the room trying to get over this bug.

On the last day, we would ask you to pray for health, for strength and for opportunities. The last day always feels really important as we wrap up conversations and get ready to say goodbye to friends – new and old. Pray that we have the opportunities to say all that God has laid on our heart and that we will be able to express the love of God to the individuals we encounter.

Thanks for your prayers!


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