Daytona #1

Daytona Sign

Hey Guys!

So far, so good. We arrived to Daytona Beach safely on Saturday in the late morning. We shed our winter layers and said hello to the sunshine. A few people have even gotten a bit of sunburn already, so we’re all trying to liberally apply on a regular basis. We have to try to learn from others, right?

Anyways, after a day of rest, preparation, and more team building, some of us went out on the boardwalk to get a start at the week. It was a Sunday evening so not too many people were out, but we were able to talk with those who were around. Talking to people and actually jumping in to initiate conversations with my group has built some more confidence in me to step out in courage more and I’m grateful for that.

This morning, we gathered on the beach with another group that is here for some morning worship. I felt like being by the ocean made the iconic water references in Christian worship songs stick out all the more. But they also felt so more surreal once I thought about them for longer. God’s character is so beautifully revealed through nature and I really appreciate this morning’s experience with the ocean.

After worship, we headed up to some breakfast and we will start our team devotions pretty soon. I’m so excited for today and our start to this awesome week. If you could, please pray that our hearts are expectant for God’s miracles and that we may know on a deeper level that anything that happens is only by God’s doing.
Thanks so much for your prayers!

Love, Emily Wallace

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