Mexico #2

Greetings from Cancún!

Our time in Mexico started off with delicious authentic Mexican food and a warm welcome from the Back2Back staff on Saturday. On Sunday we went to a Spanish church service and came back to our volunteer house where we spent the day with teens from the different Back2Back sites. It was a really special day for many reasons, one being it was our teammate Usha’s birthday!

Our Monday was a blast; this was a day that was set aside for learning about the history and culture of Cancún, and bonding with our team!  We spent the day exploring the Talum ruins, and at a resort where we got our fill of the sun and ocean.  We all felt unified after this fun day of new experiences and laughter together.

Today was a really sweet day. It started off with our regular individual devotional time and small group time which have both proved to be impactful for our hearts and understanding of God’s faithfulness. We traveled to the Bon Fil site where we all helped prepare for the upcoming VBS that we are putting on Wednesday through Friday. After finishing prep, we traveled to the Back2Back site at Tres Reyes where we got to meet families who are involved in the ‘Strong Families’ program. We were able to purchase some products from the moms at their ‘Mom’s Market’ which will provide support for their families. After that, we got to eat family style dinner with the many families, and then had the chance to connect with the children through play.

These past few days of bonding and learning have been impactful to our team as a whole. Believe it our not, our Spanish skills are slowly increasing. We are having a great time in Cancún, and loving our new experiences, even if they require us being challenged.

Amor y Abrazos,

Alyssa, Jadyn and Team Mexico

Please keep praying!

Mexico 2

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