Indy #1


Thanks in advance for reading this from all of the Indy team! Our time here in Indy has been an amazing whirlwind of God moments all strung together. Snow started falling very quickly upon arrival, so the work we were supposed to do with the food shelter here at Shepherd was closed, but that gave us some down time to bond and relax a little bit. Sunday morning church was also closed for the same reason, but we got to experience the congregation of Redeemer Presbyterian Church at their Palm Sunday service. It was enjoyed by all. Sunday night we got to enjoy a staple of Indy culture as the Pacers played the Miami heat in an NBA spectacle.

Our ministry experiences have also immersed us deep into the community and neighborhood Shepherd serves. We have gotten to deliver wooden flower boxes complete with dirt, and met some pretty amazing people like a woman who gave Gavin, one of the Fellows at Shepherd, a list of names and phone numbers for friends that she thinks would like them too. She clapped as we showed up, and it melted our hearts. We got to minister with people like the COO of Shepherd, Curtis, as we worked on a patio project for a local church. A few of us took the advice of the law enforcement officer Adam and EMS provider Sean and attended Celebrate Recovery which is a ministry provided by Shepherd’s Nazarene Church, and got to meet community members who were on their way to recovery from different struggles.

All of these ministry experiences have led to many moments of spiritual growth. We have seen God work through a lot of high points, and a lot of frustration. Questions have become our best friend. Answers come in different shapes and forms, but God answers prayers and is always good. Gratitude is a huge new topic for us to integrate into our lives after seeing community members and how they live. Dinner with a few alumni have also opened our eyes to God’s love for wherever He calls us to be.

To end, we have a few prayers requests we would like to share. The first is for Shepherd and the community surrounding this space. There is a lot of brokenness all around, and a lot of good people showing Christ’s love in in that need perseverance and strength. We as a team could also use some of those things too. We are getting tired, and are still trying to process the training we are getting through dialogues with Shepherd leaders about poverty and the neighborhood. We are excited to get to learn more from Chris Smith this coming Saturday, and are reading his co-authored book, Slow Church, and ask for prayers that we can ask good questions and wrestle with them. Again, thanks for all of the love and support you show us, and the prayers!

Indy Team with Rosie, a Taylor alum


Delivering flower boxes in Indy

Indy Team

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