Russia #1

Zdravstvuyte iz Vladimir, Russia (Hello from Vladimir, Russia)!

We want to apologize for being a few days behind on our team blog, this was for a variety of different reasons… the first and most important one being that we couldn’t get out of the Indianapolis airport for about 8 hours on Saturday and once we finally did, we sadly missed our connecting flight to Paris and had to stay a night in Detroit.

Yet, despite this setback that did cause us to arrive in Vladimir a day late, there was still a midst of peace and joy among my team. We learned a lot about each other during those long sits in the airports or hanging out in that hotel in Detroit. What we learned is that we all were here to see God work- and he was moving even in the waiting of arriving to Russia. He moved as some of my team impacted a sweet flight attendant on our flight to Detroit with their joy and positivity. He moved in our stories that we shared with one another in a small hotel room in Detroit. He moved in the laughter we shared as we waited patiently to arrive at the place that we had been longing to get to.

When we finally did arrive in Moscow Monday evening, as tired as we all were, you could tell there was a collective deep breath. We had made it. We were here. And now we could begin to see here, in a different cultural context, what God wanted to show us. We were eager to meet the kids in our orphanages and foster homes we are working in. We were eager to connect with our interpreters. Lastly, we were eager to come together as a team to do a work that supports people who work every week with these beautiful and amazing children.

As we walked out of the Moscow airport, the cold wind hit our faces and we began our journey. It has been an absolute blessing so far, even despite missing a day in the orphanage. We have seen joy emerge from foster parents faces as we let them take a break while we teach and just be with their children. We have heard stories of adoptions and joy from the orphanages. We have jumped in snow piles and ran around being chased by superheroes and queens of the castles. We have had conversations with our interpreters that have connected us to them at a deeper level and sweet friendships are being formed. And, we have sat together every night as a team and laughed, rejoiced, listened, lamented, and took in this experience the best we can. Oh, and ate lots of Russian chocolate of course.

There always is a sense of sadness or confusion as we see these children lack specific connection from a hole where their parents belong. As a team, we are still figuring out how to process this, and it is always a journey of growth to rejoice even in our sorrow for the children we work with. Yet, their sweet smiles and hugs and laughter make a sense of hope leak out of our hearts and rejoicing is the response.

It’s crazy that it is already Thursday, it seems to be going too fast. Yet, today we are going to soak in every moment of Gods goodness. He is working in all of us and He is teaching us a new thing each day. A lesson about love, about joy, about courage, about peace, and so much more.

Things you can be praying for:

  • To be present, because we missed a day it feels like this week is going faster than we want it to. Pray that we take in every moment!
  • Continual safety as we travel throughout Russia and then home to America on Monday!
  • For the health of our time. Due to jetlag and just exhaustion from traveling some of our members have been fighting off some sickness- please pray for protection and health of our bodies.
  • For our interpreters and the connections we make with them.
  • For the children who are orphans. That they would get a taste of the love of God as we show them through our actions and words how much they matter to us and even more so God, and as we tell them God is giving them a purpose and they matter!

Thank you for so many who prayed and have been thinking of our team. We appreciate you all so much and we can’t wait to come back and tell you of the stories that we heard and the things God has been teaching us! We are so thankful to be in this beautiful country seeing Gods beautiful work so clearly.

With thankful hearts,

Team Russia

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