Houston #2

The past few days have flown by! We have put in lots of hard work on our house sites and gained lots of new skills along the way. It has been a pleasure working with Tom, our main Fuller Center leader who is always ready with a sassy comeback or to help us on the job. We have learned to install insulation, put in flooring, build cabinets, paint doors properly, and many more small construction and renovation skills. Along with these physical skills, we have incorporated some new Southern phrases into our vocabulary, such as, “y’all,” “fixin’ to,” and “beaver nuggets (evidently a delicious snack sold here).”

The people of the Houston area are so excited about us being here, even though there have been many teams before us and will be many after us. To show their thanks, we have had many people make us food, bring us donuts, cupcakes, and bring us other treats on our work sites. This being said, it is impossible to be hungry here 😊! We have also enjoyed getting to know another group of college students from Oregon serving with Fuller Center as we are both staying at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church! It has been interesting hearing the major differences between life on the West coast and life in Upland, Indiana.

Yesterday (Wednesday), we worked a half day on our houses and visited the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, which was a blast and a half! We took a 30 minute tram tour to see the NASA buildings and visit rocket park where we saw Saturn V, a giant rocket spanning 363 feet long. Saturn V is the same kind of rocket that has taken our astronauts to the moon several times.  The rest of our Space Center trip was spent exploring exhibits of space shuttles, planets, and exhibits of about the history of space exploration. Fun fact: one of the churches that cooked meals for us has had many astronauts attend throughout history and one of these astronauts took communion in space along with the rest of his church on a Sunday morning!

After leaving the Space Center, our team enjoyed an authentic Italian dinner together at Franca’s. The restaurant was brimming with sculptures and art, all made by the owner’s father. The most touching of his art was a humongous 3D panorama that he made after the death of his wife, documenting their whole life together. The owner’s father mourned while he created the art and put so much emotion into it. His daughter, the current owner was so happy to have us there and loved telling us stories of how the restaurant came to be.

We are thriving here in Texas, folks. Thanks again for your prayers!!


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