Mexico #3

Hello from sunny Cancun!

Over these past few days we’ve had the privilege of putting on a VBS for the children at the Bonfil site of Back2Back. The morning was dedicated to serving small children (4-12 years), and the afternoon was focused on the youth (ages 13-17). Today was our last day of the VBS, and we are working through processing these last 3 days.

Each day we had time of worship, games, bible lesson, snack, and crafts. For each day, there was a different “theme” or lesson that we focused on. Wednesday’s theme was Jonah, Thursday’s was Jesus feeding the 5,000, and Friday’s lesson was all about the death and resurrection of Jesus. Throughout the day, each of us team members took on a different role. Some of us were in the craft room, some of us were leading games, some of us helped make snacks, and others helped keep the energy strong by being team leaders. Yani energetically led the children and youth in a powerful time of worship and dance during the day, which was one example of how each member of the team was able to use their gifts.

We were all really encouraged to come alongside the Back2Back staff, and see the amount that they pour into each child. We know that when we leave, there is a strong foundation at each site that will remain, because of the staff and thoughtful programming.

This VBS was a great experience for all of us; each of us took something away from it that will have a lasting impact. We are still processing our feelings of the week and the goodbyes that took place this afternoon. Overall, we believe it was a great success and that the children not only had fun, but were impacted.

Thank you for the prayers as we got the chance to minister to these children; they helped this VBS and time with children run smoothly.

Tomorrow we will be working at the same Back2Back site in Bonfil, doing some work projects to help out the staff. We are excited to see some improvements. And on Easter Sunday we will be worshipping together on the beach in Cancun. We are all looking forward to a different type of Easter and for some time together as a group that we can reflect and be with the Lord.


Alyssa, Jadyn, and Team Mexico 🇲🇽

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