Houston #3

Here we are on the bus on our way back to Indiana. Everyone was thankful to sleep in this morning because we were very tired after a week of hard work! Amidst the busyness of our week, many of us wanted time to reflect on what has happened this past week, so last night after a delicious taco dinner, we had an organized discussion time. We discussed some reflection questions with a partner and then shared together as a whole team. I just wanted to share some of the things that really stuck out to us this week:

  • The Power of Showing Up:
    • We met so many local people in passing who were so grateful that we came to Texas. A common phrase we heard was along the lines of, “There are so many fun things y’all could be doing with your Spring Break, and yet y’all came here.” We found that people were more vocal about the fact that we came than the actual work we were doing. Never underestimate the power of simply showing up.
  • Big Picture Service:
    • Before coming, we talked in Spring Break class about how short-term missions have to be thought of in terms of the big picture. While in Houston, this became very evident to our team. The people we were serving would mention all of the other teams who had come before us and that people would be continuing to help in the future. This was just a great reminder that the work we were a part of was way bigger than just us.
  • Working as an act of Worship and Love
    • I know there were several of us who were honestly a bit unsure about the importance/impact of the work we would be doing in Houston. I know that I personally wondered if physical labor was the most valuable thing that we could be doing during our Spring Break. After finishing our time in Houston, however, I am convinced that the work we accomplished was very valuable. You see, I believe that you need to not only declare the gospel but show it. By addressing the physical needs of people, we are able to love and care for them as Jesus would. Someone on my team also reminded us that if we keep in mind that we are not just working for man, but for God, it puts a much heavier weight on what we are doing. By choosing to do our very best at painting or mudding or whatever it may be, we can bring glory to our God!

This week was a beautiful one. Please pray that we may be impacted by what we have seen and experienced.

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