Meet Team Fort Myers


Meet Team Fort Myers! The team is comprised of Hannah Stumpf, Justin White, Jonathan Skaggs, Caleb Grubb, Abigail Roberts, Anne Cooper, Kassie Jahr, Claire Rush, Sydney Peugh, Grace Miller, Megan Herrema, and Mallory Tyree.

Partnering with the organization ECHO in Fort Myers, Florida, ( this team will learn about fighting world hunger, and sustainable steps that ECHO is taking to help equip small scale farmers across the world in feeding their families and communities.

Here are some things this team has asked you to pray for…

  • That they would be able to prepare well before spring break so they can be at their best for the week of the trip
  • That the team has a great week of learning and bonding with each other, as well as a good balance of work and rest
  • That the team can be a blessing to the ECHO staff and anyone they come in contact with
  • That they will be able to raise all of their funds for the trip
  • That they would glorify God in all that they do

If you want to contribute to the Fort Myers team, please prayerfully consider giving at, click “give to Taylor World Outreach,” and select “TWO Spring Break – Fort Myers.”

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