Cancun Blog #1

Hello from the Cancun team! We are safe and well in the warm weather.
Mexico 2
The team has spent the last few days going through some sessions on trauma competent care, learning how to love kids who have experienced trauma in a way that supports their sustainability. In the two community centers that Back2Back partners with, the team has led devotionals for a group of elementary age kids as well as middle schoolers and high schoolers. It’s been so fun to talk about our God with people who know Him but are from a different context.

We’ve also got to spend some time learning the way that the community centers work, from sitting in on tutoring sessions to being with parents during their parent classes. Our team knows limited Spanish, so getting out of our comfort zone is easy! While it is a challenge to navigate communication, it’s been a gift to be able to learn about our God and His people around the world through nonverbal communication and the blessing of translators!
We are thankful for your prayers and support back home! Keep praying for energy, unity, and comfort in the discomfort in the beautiful country of Mexico!

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