DR Blog #1

We have spent 3 full days in Jarabacoa at our sites! We landed safely on Saturday, and have been serving in occupational ministry sites with Students International. On Sunday we attended the church Fraternidad Cristiana where we got to experience church in Spanish. Ministry site experiences range from dancing with older adults in the nursing home, to education, to sports, prison, and even to birthday parties for Chiquitas born in the month of March.

DR 3

Our team has two favorite times of the day. The first is when we get authentic, Dominican coffee bright and early together before devo time and worship. The second is everyone sitting on the porch after a day at our sites, waiting for other to come back so we can all share about our days. These both are special to us because it is quality time spent together, loving each other well. Our team has become so close, and any time we can spend together we make the most of it.

DR 4

Last night we ate dinner with host families in the communities where we serve. This is a special experience to learn about their culture and for both parties to be equally blessed. Hosts feel blessed to serve, while we feel blessed by their hospitality and generosity.

DR 5

The pictures are from the airport before we almost missed our connecting flight (praise the LORD we made it), the hike on our first day up the mountain at our base, a view of what the base looks like and looks out at, and a snapshot from one of the education sites.

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