Fort Myers Blog #2

08A322EF-C06F-4C81-925C-CB37898D334C.jpegWe have been at ECHO for a few days now and the best way to describe how I am feeling would be pleasantly tired. For the past two days, I have had the privilege of working in the Appropriate Technology area of the farm with an intern named Will. This section of the farm has a working hydroponics system, many plants in the ground, and working examples of appropriate technology that can be used all around the world.

A9B0BB3B-6EE3-4EA7-9D8C-A6D1F73EB8B2.jpegOne of my favorite moments of working so far was yesterday, on our rainiest work day so far. Myself and a few others had been busy planting some new Grumichama plants in the midst of a heavy rain when Will invited us to come into shelter for some fresh mint tea. Will proceeded to light an outdoor stove fueled by biogas that had come from composted human waste and put on a pot of water. Once the tea was ready, we cupped our hands around warm mugs and enjoyed each other’s company and thesound of the rain on the roof. After our tea, we were also able to learn how to plant black and green sugar cane which proved to be very satisfying work.

1D9708FB-02E0-46AF-A96B-063DD302C02E.jpegAs I reflect on my time at ECHO so far, I am completely in awe. Something just feels so right about working the land; to be directly involved with God’s provision for us through His creation. To be covered in soil, smelling like the earth is lovely and humbling. I have always found it important to never turn a blind eye to where the things we eat and the things we buy come from, and it really is eye opening to be a part of the process.

9C4A9BD1-1A1C-4EB6-93C1-D58D1EE1C35B.jpegAs we were preparing to go on this trip, a word that we talked about many times was partnering. This is the idea that we want to do work with others and not for them. This morning I was thinking about this, and realized that farming is a way of partnering with God. We put in physical labor, but we must trust that God will provide the sun and rain to help the plants grow. We are really much lesser partners in the relationship, and yetGod gives us the privilege to be part of His process of growth and life. As we continue to work the land, I pray that we remember that there is no life apart from Him.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Claire Rush


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