Memphis Blog #2

2F7F8958-4AD7-4907-978E-4215C8D4F60E.jpegToday was workday number three at Miss Annie’s home. With today being a half day of work, the five of us went into this morning with just a few things left to do before fully diving into the shingling process. We were able to get a considerable amount of the new shingles placed before we took a break for lunch and ended work for the day. We then headed back to SOS to shower and get ready for an afternoon and evening exploring Memphis.

83413896-5A34-4B77-A5B1-88DE31F2D9D2.jpegOur afternoon began as we headed out to the National Civil Rights Museum in downtown Memphis. It was such a cool experience – something that these words could never do justice (you’ll just have to come and experience it for yourself!). Then after spending a few hours at the museum, we headed over to Central BBQ for dinner. From BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches and mac ‘n cheese to BBQ nachos, pulled pork, and ribs, we were definitely fuller when we left than when we entered. However, seeing as how we are in Memphis, we couldn’t stop from getting something else to eat. We ventured over to Crosstown Concourse (google it) where we stopped at Mempops (google this, too) for popsicles and walked around the building. Afterwards, we drove over to a place called the Rec Room where we played Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. on a giant projector screen. After about an hour of racing around corners and battling each other with our favorite “Smash” characters, we headed back for SOS and called it a night.FC39EFD1-913F-4473-A3FC-71D5BA5C354F

Ela Alvarado, team member of the trip had this to say about her experience so far: “The city of Memphis is vibrant; the people, the places, the overall atmosphere – they all scream of God’s glory. Whether you are putting on new shingles on a roof or trying the best barbeque in town (you can’t go wrong with Central BBQ), there’s never a dull moment here in the city of Memphis.” We have had such a great time so far in Memphis and are looking forward to what’s to come on our final workday on Thursday, as well as a day of exploring Memphis on Friday! Continue to pray for us as we wrap up our week and prepare to head back to Taylor!

With love,

The Memphis Spring Break Team

Sienna, Ela, Luke, Jen, & Jacob

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