A Servant Heart

Every morning our day begins with the wake-up call of roosters, the scent of freshly brewed Dominican coffee and the mountains as our backdrop. It’s been four days and we can all agree that this scene will never get old.

Before we leave for our sites, we participate in an intimate time of worship and devotions. Our journey through the book of James gives us an extra boost of encouragement as we go out to minister in the communities of Jarabacoa.

Each day of this trip has been different from the last and all of our experiences remain distinct. While we are at our sites and immersed in the Dominican culture, we get the chance to experience God in new and exciting ways. Whether it’s through the smile that a complete stranger shares with us or listening and trying to translate the conversations of children who excitingly mumble off sentence after sentence; it’s so evident that God is present here.

Today, while we all went off to our different sites, God worked through some of the challenges that we faced during the first day of our ministry. Many of us struggled with the language barrier and some of us felt a sense of uncertainty with the ministry sites we were placed at. After discussing this at our team meeting last night and engaging in prayer, God took away the doubts and fears that we had. He provided us with the courage to teach a class without the language differences getting in the way. He gave us the strength to minister through a simple game of basketball anddr.JPG the motivation to go out more confident knowing that He is with us every step of the way.

Later tonight, we were all given the opportunity to eat dinner at the home of a Dominican family. We all went to different homes based on our sites and enjoyed a delicious home cooked Dominican meal. ┬áThe love that these families showed to us was instantly contagious. As we ate and had conversations, we saw the genuine love for people that they have which made today’s experience worth so much. We came here knowing that our purpose was to serve, but we weren’t expecting to be served from people of these communities.

As we continue our ministry in Jarabacoa, pray that we allow God to work through our interactions with the people we encounter and pray that we are able to shed a light onto the life of someone who needs it the most.

– Team D.R

Come on, Vamos!

Spring Break is finally upon us and the DR team is eager to commence its departure into Indianapolis airport. We’re ready for the sunshine, and all the bliss that comes along with it. However, this trip is more than an escape to warmth. This is trip is entirely about opening our hearts to the Dominicans we encounter, and sharing the love of Christ.

During our trip, we will be immersed in many different service areas, some of which include: dentistry, media, finance, sports and special education. We pray that God moves through us as we prepare to serve our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are excited to be a part of their culture and open to experience new things. We know that God placed us on this trip for a reason and we are anxious to live out his desires. We pray for the courage and strength to make a difference in the lives of the Dominicans. We also pray that our interactions with them will bring new a understanding of who God is.

Next time you read about us we’ll be miles away, but for now, pray for safe travels and a smooth start into Spring Break.

-Team DR