Saturday (Day 8)

Hello from Dearborn! We are not mentally, physically, or spiritually ready to leave this place. Kidding, kind of. We have all learned a ton about how to love those who are different from us. Today consisted of another work day at our friend’s house. We were able to finish painting the basement and moved furniture into it. Now the size of the house has doubled. A Taylor student who lives near Dearborn invited us to her house for dinner. It was quite refreshing to share our experiences with people who did not live with us all week as well as eat a home-cooked meal. Tomorrow, we will go to our final service at DECC. Some of us will share about our experiences at the church, and others will participate in worship. Then, we will spend time at Johnny (one of our contacts)’s house for the rest of the day and watch the first episode of the A.D. mini-series in the evening. Continue to pray that we will be able to process everything that we have learned this week as well as enjoy our last few days together. Thanks for reading!

Thursday (Day 5)

Today was the last day that we spent with our ESL students. Besides teaching them, we also helped with after-school tutoring at a local elementary school and ate dinner with some of the students and their families. We were able to interact with the students outside of a classroom setting because of the dinner, and the love that they showed us even in front of their families was incredible. We are learning a ton about relating to Muslims. Tomorrow, we will have a less hectic day because of Good Friday. Both of the men and women on our team will go to breakfasts, then we will go to a Spanish-speaking church for a service, and then we will spend the evening in Detroit. Continue to pray for our relationships with each other as well as with our contacts at DECC.

Tuesday (Day 3)

Hello from Dearborn! Today, instead of teaching ESL, we worked on a friend’s home. We primed the walls for painting and raked leaves. Two of the interns are living with us for the week, and we have become very close to them. The friend whose house we worked on was grateful and brought us dinner. We also spent a lot of time today relaxing. Tomorrow, we will teach ESL and go to the University of Michigan Dearborn where Dr. Jessup will speak. Please pray that we are able to keep our energy up as well as rest when we get the chance. Thanks for reading!

Day 1 (Sunday)

Hello, friends! Today we went to church at DECC and then to the Henry Ford Museum with international friends. Johnny, Jeff, and Debbie are our contacts at DECC, and also we are spending time with three interns named Sarah, Christine, and Josh. The most important part about the Friendship House, the ministry with which we are working, is that they use English as a tool to reach Muslims for Christ. Schools and mosques also teach English, so the fact that these people choose to come to DECC means that they have a friendly relationship with these teachers. Pray that we are able to learn from those who already teach ESL as tomorrow we will be sitting in on classes. We are thankful for the love that our international friends have already shown towards us. Thanks for reading!

Almost There

Hello friends! My name is Mary Helen, and I will be blogging for the Dearborn Team. We are leaving on Saturday morning, and we are excited. For those of you who may not remember, we will be working with Dearborn Evangelical Covenant Church’s Friendship House. We will be assisting them in teaching ESL to the majority Muslim population in Dearborn, MI. We will also be visiting homes and learning as much about their culture as possible. Thanks for following us on this journey. Continue to pray for unity among our team as well as for the church and the people with whom we will be working.