Let It Begin!

In less than 24 hours, 8 Taylor students and 2 leaders will pack into vans and head to Shepherd Community Center in the middle of Inner City Indianapolis. And we are beyond excited.

Every Monday night for the past couple of months, we have met together as a team to prepare for our spring break. We have read through When Helping Hurts, a book that has informed of ways that short term missions can be harmful, and how we can avoid that on our trips. We have shared testimonies with each other to learn about each other’s lives and see the ways that God has worked in every individual. We have learned about the community center itself as well as the demographics, politics, and education system of Indianapolis. And tomorrow, we get to experience what we’ve been preparing for!

We will be spending a little over a week there, partnering with Shepherd in the ministry that they have been doing since 1985. We anticipate growing together as a team, learning about both poverty and poverty alleviation, and seeing God move in our hearts and the hearts of those we will be serving. We also just found out that the elementary students at Horizon Christian School (one of the ministries of Shepherd) will be in school while we are there, so we can help out in the classrooms and interact with them. That’ll be super fun!

This is what is ahead of us. We cannot wait to see what God’s going to do, and we would love your prayers for our team and the ministry we will be doing. And whatever happens, God’s in control, so it will be great.

Indianapolis Prayer Requests

  • Pray for compassion and open hearts toward the people we are working with as well as eyes that are open to God at work around and in us.
  • Pray for boldness in our interactions with others as we follow God’s lead in our service.
  • Pray that we might be used to support and encourage the full-time staff at Shepherd and learn from their experiences during our time serving.
  • Pray that we might experience the love of Christ flowing tangibly through members of our team and the local community.
  • Pray for team flexibility, unity, health, and sustained energy throughout the week as we serve.

DSC_3360Back row: Cameron Eckmann, Caleb Grubb, Nicki Mortland, Clayton Cina, Erica Gleason

Front row: Beth Hicks, Katherine Yeager, Jordan Hardesty, Julia Noonan, Paige McCourt