Memphis Day 1


So my name is Hannah Williams and this is the Memphis Day 1 Blog (!!!)  We left campus early yesterday morning, stayed in Nashville, TN last night, and then made the trek to our final destination this afternoon.



So allow me to kindly dive into more detail so we can all enjoy this story that is #Memphis2k17 together.


This morning, our team woke up from a hard slumber at our hotel in Nashville to attend a humble continental breakfast that was awaiting us in the lobby. (On a more personal note, when I woke up my eyes were so swollen that it looked like I had either been crying all night or got punched directly in both eyes… but rest assured it was just some weird fluke allergy. My eyes are back to normal) After scarfing down mini bagels and Activia yogurts, we wandered across the street to attend a Sunday morning church service. I will spare you all the nitty-gritty details of this service, but it provoked some darn good conversation within our team and allowed us to dive into topics that are not often brought up in every day conversation. For me personally, and I think this goes for the group as a whole, those conversations were a highlight of our first day.

Today’s van ride consisted of church-service-topic-convos, but was not limited to that in any way. We also enjoyed our fair share of loud music, naps, photographs, and “coking” (waving to the cars next to you using a beverage container of some sort… thank you, Peter Carlson). Alas, we arrived in Memphis slightly before we were allowed to check in at S.O.S., so we stopped at a Bass Pro Shops that was not quite as humble as our continental breakfast back in Nashville. After gawking at the taxidermy and trying on camouflage hats, we decided our time had come to meet the ministry in which we will be serving this week.


A very warm welcome from the S.O.S. staff made our team feel welcome as we settled in and got the feel for what our week will look like. We all claimed our bunks and headed downstairs for a rousing game of cards before dinner. We gathered in the dining hall with the other short term trips that are helping this week and indulged in pizza, salad, and cookies (hello YUM). After dinner, all the groups filed into the chapel where we had a short service involving acoustic worship and a powerful message on the Trinity.


SO YEAH… prayers for continued laughs, good conversations, and unity within the team. Pray for new perspectives on service and what it looks like to be a part of the Kingdom. Pray for wellness, rest, and new friendships. And lastly, pray for those that we serve this week.


Meet the Memphis Team!


2nd row (L – R): Caroline Vaporis, Hannah Williams, Jen Cline, Jimmy Schantz, Bryson Shelor, Molly Fletchall, *Peter Carlson

1st row (L – R): *Rebecca Tervo, Jeanine Aupperle, John Gemmel, Maddie Eiler, Von Sui, Kevin Anderson, Drew Shaffer, Ruslan Horb

*Team Leaders

Prayer Requests:

  • Team health – both physical and team health, that we would work well together and work toward the common goal of serving/supporting SOS and loving each other and the community well.
  • Funds – praise that we are going fully supported!
  • Safety – as we travel, as we work, as we are in Memphis
  • Fun
  • Learning – Memphis has much to offer. Pray that we would see the impact of civil rights history in Memphis and be open to learning difficult parts of our nation’s history
  • Homeowners – that they would receive us and we listen to them well
  • Pray for our interactions with people serving together with us – other schools that are also spending spring break at SOS
  • Team attitudes while serving – embodying true service and living out the meaning of the Taylor towel
  • Unity among team relationships, uniting in purpose and effort

They will be partnering with Service Over Self: