Peru #1


We left Taylor around 5am Saturday morning. Roughly 24 hours later, we woke up on the floor of the Lima Airport. What an adventure we’ve had! Our travels have taken us out of Indiana snow storm into the warm Miami heat, then to the coast of Peru. In Lima, we met our translators and our VisionTrust partners, then rushed off to check our bags and get on another flight to Ayacucho.

Following a long day of traveling, we finally landed in Ayacucho this morning (Sunday). Bleary-eyed, we walked out of the plane in awe of God’s impressive creation which surrounded us with mountain ranges and smoky haze. We were quickly welcomed with open arms by the Peru VisionTrust staff and driven to our home for the next week. After a brief time of refreshment and rest, we were shuttled to the church where, again, hospitality and love was the overwhelming theme. Worshipping alongside our Peruvian brothers and sisters in Christ brought joy and unity, despite the language barrier that existed for many of us. We were overwhelmed by the kind words, blessings, and hugs which were showered on us as we left the building.

After a delicious lunch and another brief time of rest, we then traveled to Casa de Luz, the orphanage run by VisionTrust. Walking into Casa de Luz this afternoon, all of us were excited to hang out with the children, not expecting the harsh truth that encompasses their little lives. Entering into the house, we were introduced to five beautiful faces eager to play and love. Through fútbol and talking with the staff, we enjoyed getting to know the heart and mission of Casa de Luz. After a time of play, we returned to our home where we enjoyed incredible food, prepared for the next day, and crashed!

Please join us in praying alongside the VisionTrust staff as they are in need of land to build a bigger facility for Casa Luz and that the Lord would continue to provide consistency for the children who don’t have family. Also, pray that the Lord would continue to bless us with energy and good health. We love you all!

The Peru Team!


Nicaragua #1

Nicaragua has my heart. We left the Indiana snow for the warm hearts and weather of Nicaragua. After our long travel all of Saturday, Sunday was a day full of culture and learning. Sunday was packed with visiting a local church, a local potter, an artisan’s market, and eating amazing food. Our team learned and are continually learning about the beauty of this culture.

I believe I can speak for nearly our whole team by saying our visit to the potter’s house was a blessing for us all. The Potter walked us through the process he and his family takes in making pottery. This process is not easy, sometimes it looks like failure, but is worth while. The talk was interwoven with an extended metaphor of God being the potter and we are his creation. In one of his metaphors he used two pots. One of these pots I was holding. It was freshly molded and soft. The other pot he was holding was further along in the process. He was picking off the imperfections and took a piece of my pot to fix the imperfections of the other one. There are times in community where we must give of ourselves to strengthen another. This part of the process can be humbling but needed. As we are here, I hope some of us are being picked of imperfections while others are being picked to help a brother or sister. We left challenged to live better in community with God, ourselves, and others. Some of us also left with some of his original pieces to bring back to the states.

Monday, was our first day of placements in our different sites. One of the beauties of this trip is that we are split into smaller teams in different ministry sites.  The different teams are agriculture, microfinance, health care, education, women’s social work, and sports ministry. We can see how Student’s International meets the variety of needs within the larger community of Masaya. We are all doing drastically different tasks for the community from checking vitals, teaching kids, to playing sports. As this week continues I am excited to hear more stories from my own site and others. God is moving gloriously. I wish everyone could take part to see.

-Kristina Rivera