Kentucky Blog #2

As we’ve wrapped up our trip this week, we recognize that each of our experiences have been quite individual. We have all shared the same setting for time with God, but He has surely used it in unique ways for each of us. We have had separate insights, both general and specific, from our time spent in silence, solitude, and stillness.

Kentucky 2.1

This being said, it’s difficult to condense our time into a final blog entry. However, we still wanted to give you a glimpse of the time we’ve had. The following is a list of questions we’ve been reflecting on this weekend after our week at the monastery. Feel free to apply some to your own contemplative life.

  1. When you left campus, you left a list of things to leave behind.
    1. What are things you’ll be taking back with you from this week?
    2. How will you re-enter into the space of campus?
      1. How will you pick up the original list?
      2. Do you have any new reactions to that list?
    3. What contemplative practice feels most possible to implement upon return?
    4. What practice didn’t seem to “work”?
    5. In what ways do you detract from others experiencing silence, solitude, or stillness?
    6. Who models these practices well for you?
    7. What was the hardest thing you faced this week?
    8. What was a specific moment of clarity?
    9. What was a moment when you were aware of God’s presence?
    10. Reflect on Isaiah 30 : 15-18. How is it different now than at the beginning of the week?
    11. What are some new questions you have or some questions that you’re still asking?


You’re welcome to reference any of the above questions when inquiring about our trip. We also wanted to give you some resources to practice silence, solitude, and stillness in your own life.

The following are links to practices that’ve been helpful for us :

Spiritual Location Exercise:

New Seeds is Contemplation by Thomas Merton

Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster

Meet the Kentucky Team!

SBM KentuckyMeet Team Kentucky! On this trip we have: (back row) Jack Andrews, Rachel Teal, Josie Starkey, David Fletcher, Brad Walker, (front row) Jimmy Schantz, Amy Barnett (L), Madison Hiatt, Julia Hurlow (L), and Emily Wallace.

This team will receive a unique opportunity to learn to connect with God in a new way through a spiritual retreat at The Abbey of Gethsemani Monastery. The hope of this trip is to experience foundational spiritual practices in order to grow in relationship with the triune God and others.

Here are some things to pray for:

  • For wisdom and discernment as we would practice the presence of God
  • Provision of health and safety
  • Growth into the likeness of Christ

Team verse:

For thus said the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel: In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.

Isaiah 30:15

If you want to contribute to the Kentucky team, please prayerfully consider giving at, click “give to Taylor World Outreach,” and select “TWO Spring Break – Kentucky.”