Remember with us…

Here are some specific prayer requests we would ask you to remember with us…

  • Friends at the halfway house
  • Thankfulness for James Lewis and his testimony of gratitude.
  • The high school guys who received Christ this week: Trevor, Marcello, Jordan, & Mason
  • Our friends from the halfway house who rededicated their lives to Christ, or gave their life to Jesus for the first time: Zeke and Lucky (Jennifer)
  • Joshua who is seeking peace and restoration
  • Red….for safety and for healing.
  • Larry that somehow he will beat his addictions and find some measure of peace.
  • Hailey and Cameron… that they would feel God’s reality in their lives.
  • Donny… That God would protect and provide for his band.
  • The people we encountered that were challenged and touched by what we had to share with them, but still remain living in their old ways.
  • All the Christians we were able to meet and spur on together in truth
  • Rest for our team as we adjust from this trip back into our busy school and work schedules
  • Wisdom as we share our experiences from this trip with others in order to encourage, edify, and challenge.
  • Safety as we drive the 1000+ miles home!


It’s Easter….and as we watch the sunrise, we are reminded that this is the day and the reason that brought us to Daytona. The opportunity and privilege of telling the people of Daytona that the world, while dark, is not hopeless. That the Son has risen. And with Him, hope and redemption has come.

Sunrise Service

Sunrise Service

As we pack up our three white vans and begin the long journey home, we leave behind some good friends along with some new brothers and sisters. We take with us a reminder that in the darkness, Christ love shines brightest. Pray with us that those who have come to know the savior will find fellowship and opportunities for discipleship. For those who are considering the message, they will not be able to rest until they make the decision to call out to the Lord. Remember our beautiful friends at Ocean View…and the homeless we’ve come to know and love. For protection, peace and the knowledge that they are loved and not forgotten by God. We will try to do one more post with more specific prayer requests that you (and we) can remember.

A Good Friday

The last 48 hours have been wonderful days to end the week. On Thursday we had another colder day at the beach but God was clearly active. We saw another young man enter the kingdom and had remarkable conversations with a wide variety of God’s children. Homeless, schizophrenic, single moms, college and high school students, retirees…we have engaged God’s most precious creation in so many diverse forms. And in each we encountered the inherent image of God. The day included on of our favorite things to do…worship with the beautiful residents if Ocean View.

Thursday night most of the team went downtown to share Christ with people (this is a normal part of the week for the team). Throughout the week, team members have had remarkable opportunities to share Christ and to encounter the beauty and the brokenness in the people of Daytona.


Morning Team Worship

Today (Friday) we woke up to a picture perfect Florida day (70 sunny with a slight wind). The beach was full (for the first time). Some started at the park as we visited with our homeless friends. It was both a great and hard time. It was great to pray with and love on these beloved… But hard to hear the struggles they are daily dealing with. (Violence,rejection, addictions). We will continue to pray for safety and healing for them.

On the beach we continued to have conversations with new visitors to the area, as well as continued conversations with those we have come to know (saw our friend Lucky give her life to The Lord)

Beach Prayer

Toward the end of the afternoon we began to say goodbye to those we see each year…which is always difficult to do. We are especially heartbroken to say goodbye to the residents of Ocean View and our homeless friends who the world so often treats as an inconvenience or embarrassment…we trust that somehow God will send others to remind then if their value and their beauty…and that He will bring us back together in the next year.Prayer with Homless

The evening ended with another great night downtown as most of the team spent time talking to individuals, sharing the gospel and the message of God’s power for their lives. Two young men from California gave their lives to Christ and a number of others were confronted with the reality of God and are considering the impact that that reality has on their lives going forward. One more day left before we leave on Sunday. Pray with us that God will continue to use us as we prepare to head back north!

Empty Beach

The wind and cold has left Daytona Beach bare and made it more difficult for the team to make lots of connections. But this doesn’t mean the connections haven’t been meaningful! Yesterday we we so pleased to see a young man (Marcello) give his life to Christ. On the boardwalk a member of the team was able to pray with a recently divorced mother of 4 girls and encourage her in her faith. God used a number of the team to remind the residents of the half way house that they have value and dignity.

Pray that God will send to the beach people who He wants us to minister to. And for patience as we wait on His good timing.

If you want to want to watch some videos check out the following:





Cards and wind

It was a cold (by Daytona standards) windy day in Florida. The beach was fairly deserted. But we found many ways to be encouraged.

Started, for some, with a trip to Tuscawilla park where we spent time with some of our friends (who happen to be homeless) a rousing game of cards and good conversations was the order of the morning. Had a great chance to talk with Red and Maria and hear the struggles they face living in the streets. But it was great to just enjoy being with them and to pray over them

We have been stretched to be obedient to the voice of God. To hear his prompt and obediently follow.

Today we had great opportunities to be with the residents from the halfway house. Prayer and conversations. Pray for Gail and for Joshua who we had times to really get to know.

This evening we had a remarkable time of worship in the halfway house with a handful of the residents. The Spirit was amazingly evident!

While the weather made it difficult to make a large number of connections, we are not discouraged. We look forward to seeing what God will do tomorrow.




Day One

Great first day. Weather started a little cold but by the afternoon it was a warm and breezy day. We reconnected with old friends like Red and James Lewis while we were also introduced to some new friends. Lots of volleyball, conversations and prayer. We’ve been reminded that people are hungry to be heard and we are learning how to be good listeners. While it was a great first day, we all came out of it really tired. We are reminded that its not going to be in our own strength…so continue to pray!





A day of rest

Sunday is always a great time for the team as we spend time preparing our hearts for a week of ministry. Today was no different. Starting with a great time of worship, followed by a a time of foot washing, we challenged ourselves and each other not to feel disqualified for service because of doubts or fear, but to know that regardless of our circumstance, we can be a witness to God’s great mercy. At lunch we celebrated Allie’s birthday and then spent the afternoon enjoying the cold windy weather of Daytona!
After dinner we went to Sunsplash (our base of operations) and prayed for the work God was going to do.
We are excited about the opportunity we have to share God’s good news with the people of Daytona!