4/1/18 12:20am

Throughout our trip, we have been split up into a few teams. We wanted to provide our lovely followers with some insight from each site. This is not a full look into all that goes on, but we hope to shine a small light on our experiences.

Agriculture – Ben

This week at the agriculture site, Holman (The head person of the agriculture site) and I did many exciting things, like ride public buses, build mechanisms, and pick up chicks at the market 😊. However, the greatest thing that I have done this week is getting to observe and participate with what Holman does, which is bring the Gospel to the poor through farming. I cannot say enough good things about Holman. He does an amazing job showing what Jesus is to people who do not know him. He recognizes that they have a physical need, and does not give them what they need, instead teaching them how to get it. However, the physical need is not close to being the most important thing, and the relationship that follows is not the most important thing either. The most important is that Jesus is shared, and always incorporated into the conversation. Holman has had me share Jesus with many people, and that is always the most important thing we do. We could have accomplished the greatest agriculture task, but if Jesus is left out of it, then it means absolutely nothing. Although I am leaving, I am not worried one bit about people not knowing Jesus, because God is jealous for his own name, and Holman seems to be his chosen instrument for these people. As described in Luke 8 and Matthew 13, we have been given every type of seed, but we continued to share and work hard so that Jesus can eventually be shared. I have been through a long week, and it has been great.

Sports Ministry- Mark, Daniel

This week at the sports ministry we have played a lot of sports! How surprising! We have two clubs each day. We play sports for two hours in the morning and then have a short lesson at the end of each club. Mark has been giving the lessons and Daniel has been closing the sessions with prayer in Spanish! We have enjoyed learning about the culture and being a part of the community for a short time. However, the most profound of all our experiences has been getting to know the missionaries. We work with two Nicaraguan missionaries, Joseph and Nestor. They have poured into us and given us a lot of great advice and encouraged us in the Lord in a variety of ways. They have continually reminded us that the Lord is good and can take care of us in any situation.

Education- Angelina, Leigh, Christina

This week at the education site, we have been teaching about “Semana Santa”, or Holy Week. One experience that we specifically enjoyed was the opportunity to build relationships with our site leaders. We witnessed their obedience to God by their passion for teaching. Even though none of us are fluent in Spanish, we have been learning that no language barrier can hinder God’s truth from being shared. Additionally, we have learned to not let our fears of cultural differences in the students get in the way of God’s work. An example of this is before or after class we play games with the children. Though we are speaking broken Spanish with them, we are able to connect and engage with them through non-verbal’s. This week is coming to a close, however, we are excited to see what God will continue to teach us!

Women’s Social Work – Sydney, Leah, Erica, and Briana

Nicaragua Social

3.27.18 12:25pm

Nicaragua has my heart. We left the Indiana snow for the warm hearts and weather of Nicaragua. After our long travel all of Saturday, Sunday was a day full of culture and learning. Sunday was packed with visiting a local church, a local potter, an artisan’s market, and eating amazing food. Our team learned and are continually learning about the beauty of this culture.

I believe I can speak for nearly our whole team by saying our visit to the potter’s house was a blessing for us all. The Potter walked us through the process he and his family takes in making pottery. This process is not easy, sometimes it looks like failure, but is worth while. The talk was interwoven with an extended metaphor of God being the potter and we are his creation. In one of his metaphors he used two pots. One of these pots I was holding. It was freshly molded and soft. The other pot he was holding was further along in the process. He was picking off the imperfections and took a piece of my pot to fix the imperfections of the other one. There are times in community where we must give of ourselves to strengthen another. This part of the process can be humbling but needed. As we are here, I hope some of us are being picked of imperfections while others are being picked to help a brother or sister. We left challenged to live better in community with God, ourselves, and others. Some of us also left with some of his original pieces to bring back to the states.

Monday, was our first day of placements in our different sites. One of the beauties of this trip is that we are split into smaller teams in different ministry sites.  The different teams are agriculture, microfinance, health care, education, women’s social work, and sports ministry. We can see how Student’s International meets the variety of needs within the larger community of Masaya. We are all doing drastically different tasks for the community from checking vitals, teaching kids, to playing sports. As this week continues I am excited to hear more stories from my own site and others. God is moving gloriously. I wish everyone could take part to see.

-Kristina Rivera


Team Members: Mark Allsman, Ben Britton, Angelina Cheng, Emily Fouts, Leah Groeling, Daniel Grube, Lynreshay Johnson, Christina Kim, Briana Kuhl, Briana Margosian, Dana Meinen, Erica Morman, Chin Yi Oh, Kris Rivera, Sydney Smith, Leigh Sumner, Stephen Susman.  Leaders: Shelby DeLay, Stephen Richardson

Meet the Nicaragua Team!  Join us in praying for the their work with Students International this week.  Check back for more posts from the team members themselves!