Day 1

This is not the forecast you want to see on the first day of beach ministry:

But even with the threat of rain the team was excited about the chance to get out on the beach and share Gods love with the people of Daytona. The night before had been an incredibly encouraging evening, as we worshipped together (this team LOVES to worship) and had a meaningful time of foot-washing,

and spent time prayer-walking on the beach were we would soon minister.


So as we headed out in the midst of wind and clouds, our spirits were not dampened. And as we met back after the day we were amazed by Gods faithfulness in bringing people into our paths, enabling us to minister in exciting ways. We met, and conversed with Muslims, Hindus and Mormons. With old, young, wealthy and homeless. We had the privilege of meeting so many image bearers of God…and this is just day 1!

Keep praying for more opportunities and for us to be faithful when the opportunities present themselves. The team is growing close and really enjoying, and encouraging, each other.

While we would love sunshine…we would rather have more days like today.

We’ve Arrived!

After driving through the night…with really limited breaks, we arrived this morning in Daytona Beach-home to the beautiful El Caribe Hotel. For many of us it’s like returning home!

We are a little tired but excited to unwind from the trip and enjoy a day if rest and a little sun.

Thanks for all your prayers. We are thankful for the safety we enjoyed and the chance we had to be together.

Keep praying that God will use us this week.


Getting ready

Daytona 2014 1

Prayer and Worship time

We are getting ready to go!

In a little over 40 hours we will be filling up three vans (with people, luggage and various musical items) and head south for our time in Daytona. The team has been preparing for the trip and are excited to see what God is going to do! Wanted to encourage you to pray with us as we get ready to go.

  1. Thank God, with us, that we have received the finances needed to cover the cost of the trip!
  2. Pray that each member of the team will be able to finish their work this week so we can head to Daytona fully engaged in what God is planning to do.
  3. Pray for safety as we drive our white vans through the night.
  4. Pray that our hearts, and the hearts of the people we will meet, will be prepared for an encounter with the living God!

Ultimately, we would ask that you would pray with us that God would be glorified in all that we do and say!

Thanks for your support and your continued prayers.



We left Shepherd with a rainbow of colors. We so enjoyed our time here and feel like we really were able to take some stress off of the staff. We piled into the vans and waved goodbye. Shepherd is an amazingministry! Against all odds, they have stayed in a neighborhood that was taking bets on how soon they would leave. They’ve built relationships and are trusted in the community. We were honored to serve the staff and do anything that would free their time to deepen the ministry that they already have in place.

It really has been a Good Friday! To God be the glory.

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